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Win big with Play For Purpose!

Play For Purpose is back! Our partnership with Play For Purpose is one of the many ways in which we raise money for the organisation’s Unfunded Projects initiative

“There are thousands of prizes on offer in every draw, ranging from Gold Bullion, Cars, Holidays Packages plus many more! With a 1 in 34 chance of winning a prize while supporting a good cause, Play For Purpose is the ultimate Win-Win Raffle!” Tickets are just $10 each, with 50% of the ticket value going toward our Unfunded Projects initiative. (Drawn on Thursday, 28 February 2019)

Previously, our Unfunded Projects have included renovations to our Emerald House Social Hub and Respite Retreat, the construction of a Sensory Room and the purchase of a Mobi-Chair to name a few. _________ To learn more or to purchase your ticket visit:…/choose-tickets #PlayForPurpose #Charity #Raffle #GoldBullion #Cars #Holidays


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