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Employment Benefits

We understand how important our staff are.


At Rural Lifestyle Options Australia, we are proud to offer staff the following Employment Benefits:

Annual Flu Vaccination

Every year, the flu affects thousands of Australians and puts an enormous amount of pressure on our hospitals and health system. One way to avoid getting the flu is with an annual flu vaccination. Rural Lifestyle Options Australia encourages all employees to visit their local pharmacy or preferred GP to have the annual vaccination, and reimburses them for up to $29.95. 

Discounted Private Health Insurance

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia offer staff access to discounted health insurance through HCF. HCF provides a range of well being programs designed to improve health, disease management, stress management and work/life balance.

Employee Assistance Program Benefit Package

At Rural Lifestyle Options Australia, we offer all staff access to an Employee Assistance Program through an independent counselling support provider named Acacia. Through this benefit package, we offer staff access to six free confidential counselling services to assist employees with personal or work related issues in a positive way. 

Genuine Career Advancement Opportunities

At Rural Lifestyle Options Australia, we believe in empowering our workforce. Most people who choose to advance their careers within the organisation have been given the opportunity to do so, whether in permanent or acting positions.   

Lifestyle Support Worker Training Program

At Rural Lifestyle Options Australia, we understand the importance of empowering our staff with the right training and skills to undertake their role.  We deliver a comprehensive training program to Lifestyle Support Workers through both eLearning and face-to-face modules. All Lifestyle Support Workers are compensated for 4 hours ordinary time for completing 7 eLearning modules.

These include: 

  • Welcome to the Disability Sector; 
  • Supporting People to Move & Other Manual Handling;

  • Supporting People to take their Medication;

  • Supporting People at Mealtimes;

  • Supporting People to Communicate;

  • Supporting Choice and Control;

  • Supporting People to stay Infection Free.

We also offer other paid training on a cyclical basis to gain and refresh skills or on a needs basis depending on the Participant.

These include: 

  • Epilepsy Awareness and Administration of Emergency Medications;

  • CPAP/BIPAP Training;

  • Peg Feeding;

  • Bowel Management;

  • Ostomy and Stoma Care;

  • Trachea and Shallow suctioning.  

Meal Entertainment and Venue Hire

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia offer a combined Meal Entertainment and Venue Hire annual cap limit of $2650 per FBT. Meal Entertainment expenses sit above your salary packaging cap. This means you can continue to put your everyday expenses, like rent or mortgage, within your cap and get even more out of your salary by putting meal expenses above your cap. You could cover the cost of meals and drinks at your favourite restaurant with pre-tax dollars using this benefit.


Novated Lease 

Furthermore, you can apply for a Novated Lease at Rural Lifestyle Options Australia. When you take out a Novated Lease, part of your payments come from your pre-tax salary, so your taxable income is reduced and you could end up paying less tax throughout the year.

A novated lease includes not just your lease repayments but also running costs, such as fuel, registration and servicing. By using your pre-tax salary to help cover these every day costs you can potentially reduce your taxable income as an added bonus.

Please note that Rural Lifestyle Options Australia offer this benefit to all part-time and full-time staff members. 

Payroll Deduction 

Help manage your fortnightly bills with our Payroll Deduction benefit. Rural Lifestyle Options Australia offer staff the opportunity to have their wage split into up to 3 bank accounts each fortnight when they get paid. 

Purchased Leave

Have you ever wished you had more leave for a big overseas holiday? Or perhaps just to assist with managing the school holiday period? Well, at Rural Lifestyle Options Australia we offer staff the option of purchasing additional leave through their salary. Purchased leave is special leave without salary. It is funded by fortnightly deductions from gross salary (i.e. before tax and superannuation contributions have been deducted) that occur over a nominated period of time. The fortnightly salary deductions are set aside and accessed as “salary” during the period of special purchased leave. 

RAW Mind Coach

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia has a partnership with RAW Mind Coach, a multi-award winning online program designed to equip workers with a range of vital psychological skills. RAW Mind Coach includes ten short, fun interactive sessions (each around 15 minutes) which can completed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Research has shown that the program boosts psychological resilience and also delivers improvements in mindfulness, optimism and the use of healthy coping strategies. As a staff member of the organisation, you get free access to this helpful program which promotes mindfulness and teaches new skills to help manage difficult thoughts, uncomfortable emotions and times of high stress.

Referral Bonuses

At Rural Lifestyle Options Australia, we like to reward our employees for referring prospective employees to us. If we employ someone that is referred to us by an existing employee and they complete a ‘6 month qualifying period’ you will be rewarded with a referral bonus. 

Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging through RemServ is available at Rural Lifestyle Options Australia for permanent and fixed term full time and part time staff members. ​Those who are eligible could qualify for a package of up to $15,900 within a FBT year. The FBT year runs from 1 April until 31 March the following year. ​Salary Packaging enables certain benefits paid by your employer from your pre-tax gross salary base before you pay income tax; i.e. mortgage, rent, loans or credit card payments. By packaging part of your salary you can reduce the amount of tax that you pay which will maximise your net salary.

Working Interstate

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia offers services across rural and regional communities in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. If for any reason you re-locate for personal reasons or perhaps you want to move for work, Rural Lifestyle Options Australia will do its best to assist you in finding a new role within the organisation.  

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