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Welcome to Mindful March! ✨

At the beginning of each month, our People and Culture Division share with staff the Action for Happiness Calendar through our monthly People and Culture Insights Update.

As an organisation, we are committed to re-sharing these Calendars, to remind everyone to keep calm, stay wise and be kind. 📅

‘Mindful March 2021’ is a good reminder that "Mindfulness means that we commit fully in each moment to be present".


For the fifth year running, Rural Lifestyle Options Australia is proud to have participated in Feel Good February.

Feel Good Feb aims to promote positivity and selflessness through Random Acts of Kindness during February and beyond. 💛

Pictured below are just some of the Random Acts of Kindness we facilitated this month. We hope these small deeds brought a smile to your face and encourage you to pay it forward.

Let's counteract the negative by being proactively positive!

To learn more about Feel Good February, please visit

#FeelGoodFeb #RandomActsofKindness

Not all heroes wear capes! 🦸

At Rural Lifestyle Options Australia, we value our people which is why we have developed several different award categories to recognise the amazing work of our team.

Today, we recognise one of the members of our talented Customer Service Team, Sally Schiffmann who received one of our Special Category Awards, aptly named the Super Sally Award!

In addition to managing a very busy reception in our Beaudesert office, Sally manages our Preloved Homewares Op Shop where she draws upon her extensive background within the retail sector to ensure it always looks amazing.

In recognition of her dedication to ensuring our Preloved Homewares Op Shop runs smoothly and presents exceptionally to our customers, Sally received a Special Award today, which was presented by Annett Reeves, Office Manager.

You are truly Super Sally!

To learn more about how we recognise the amazing achievements and milestones of our team, please visit

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