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Saltwater Freshwater Connection

For the past twelve months, our Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group has been busy behind the scenes developing the 'Innovate' stage of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

After receiving conditional endorsement from Reconciliation Australia last year, our RAP Working Group engaged local artist Nathan Falk to develop an artwork piece and story to compliment our vision for reconciliation. We are grateful to have crossed paths with the talented Nathan Falk (Ngemba Mob and Wiradjuri Nation), who developed a unique piece for the organisation titled ‘Saltwater Freshwater Connection’ (pictured). Below you will find the Artwork Story to this amazing piece:

'Saltwater Freshwater Connection' by Nathan Falk

"This painting represents the connection between RLOA and the people living up and down the East coast; from the West to the South to the East to the North. This painting represents your journeys as one.

The meeting place in the middle represents your office in Murwillumbah, then we have journey lines from your office to all your participants’ houses up and down the coast and the connection you create between you all.

The hands represent your connection between your staff and your participants and the journey you have together.

The turtle represents the connection to the sea and all the towns along the ocean that you visit where you help your participants, this is your Turtle dreaming.

The Goanna represents your connection to all the land animals and the participants you see away from the coast have the Goanna dreaming.

This painting represents moving forward together as One, with help from our ocean and land energies with the connection to our dreaming animals."


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