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Participants and families, in there own words.

Our Testimonials


I wouldn't change anything. I was very happy with my stay. The carers were very good!

- Raymond (Tree Change Guest)


Lovely time, will return again. Staff took me to places I wanted to go. Staff cooked for me, very helpful, always yummy food! Love the Safari Room! Such a warming feeling, I've stayed twice in this room, when I return I always want this room. 

- Laura (Tree Change Guest)


We met at Emerald House and now live together through RLOA. We enjoy going bowling together and going to the local RSL on a Friday night. Ron likes to dance around the piano there and there is an open stage where he likes to dance around too. It’s great!

- Caane and Ronald


I’m very delighted to be with RLOA, they have changed my life dramatically. From being one of, a very solitude lifestyle, living by myself and not being able to go anywhere, to now being able to participate in the community – so I’m absolutely delighted, and very, very, pleased with what I have received. RLOA have been really, really, good. One of their areas, that does impress me, at times being a person with altered abilities, you become very unsure of yourself and probably not quite sure of what to say. I have found with RLOA that you can phone them up, and if you’re not confident with speaking on the phone they actually make you feel relaxed, they always greet you with a great greeting on the phone and to sort out any issues you might have like cancelling a particular worker for a day, or indeed organising something more from what your normal support is, they are always willing to help and always do it with a smile. They understand my needs and they actually work strongly to provide what I need, to make my life so much happier – and they certainly do that!

- Michael

It's been such a journey - I can't thank each and every one of you enough ... really - there just aren't sufficient words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

- Constance

Throughout the whole experience I have felt well supported by the service and I now have my independence back again, I now make the decision affecting my life not the hospital.

- Steven

Five stars! Fantastic supportive staff . . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED thank you for all your support this last year!

- Kam

This experience has made me a very happy person to come live here at Rural Lifestyle Options Australia. They are the greatest organisation and through rough times, they have helped me out every step of the way. I’m so glad I have good friends and a nice home to live in. This experience, through this world I live in, has made me the happiest man on the planet.  

- Josh

Since my daughter has been at Rural Lifestyle Options Australia she has been a lot happier. The more personalised service sets it apart from the previous provider we were with, which was a much larger organisation. We are happy that we can approach the Service Managers and know that any concerns we may have can be dealt with quickly when necessary. 

- Marion

I’ve found Rural Lifestyle Options Australia to be very helpful. They do their best to make their participants happy where they are and make them feel settled. The staff go out of their way for you and overall I’ve just found them to be very efficient in what they do. I am really happy with Rural Lifestyle Options Australia.

- Diane

My nephew has been at Rural Lifestyle Options Australia since its inception and since this time he has had many wonderful experiences with the organisation. The staff have always been very supportive and over the years he has received wonderful care, both at home and during activities. The staff have always been very caring and supportive and when I have attended social events, there has been a lovely feeling throughout the place of kindness, happiness and support.

- Garry


My brother is a participant at Rural Lifestyle Options Australia who has been receiving wonderful care, assistance and lifestyle support for the past 23 years. We couldn’t be happier with the way he has developed over these years, watching him reach his potential through the various activities and independent living assistance that he is provided with through Rural Lifestyle Options Australia. We truly appreciate the positive impact Rural Lifestyle Options Australia has made on my brother’s life, and in turn our lives as his family. Rural Lifestyle Options Australia has a team of carers who take such a personal and caring approach to their job and we are very grateful for this. 

- Jennifer

They helped me to find a place, helped me find people to move all my stuff in and then helped move me in!

- Luke

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia is fantastic. For the past 20 odd years my son has enjoyed coming to Rural Lifestyle Options Australia. He doesn’t want to go anywhere else but here. We now have in home care, with people from 8am to 5pm, 7 days a week which has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders. We all love Rural Lifestyle Options Australia, even the staff, and we want to see this organisation thrive into the future.

- Dave

I’ve been here since day one. My favourite aspect is the people, both young and old.

- Gavin

My son has been living in residential care with Rural Lifestyle Options Australia for almost 10 years. It was not easy for him to make the transition from leaving his family home but with the expert help he received from the management and carers he did settle into his new home and he is very happy being supported by Rural Lifestyle Options Australia. My son enjoys the community outings and social events provided by Rural Lifestyle Options Australia and, at the same time, can learn new skills whilst taking part in these activities. I can thoroughly recommend Rural Lifestyle Options Australia to anyone seeking support for their loved one.

- Janis

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