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Team Excellence Award 👏

Due to their relentless commitment, it is a rare sight to see our amazing Service Delivery Leadership Team take a moment to pause... ⏸

Today, however, they stopped. 🛑

To have their incredible efforts over the past 12 months celebrated with a Team Excellence Award! 🌟

This award was presented in recognition of the team's incredible resilience over the past 12 months:

🔹 Navigating rapid and constant changes within the NDIS;

🔹 Adapting to internal changes within the organisation;

🔹 Assisting with our recent audit preparation and;

🔹 Manoeuvring the ongoing impacts felt by COVID-19.

Their efforts and willingness to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people we support and their teams has not gone unnoticed. It is a true reflection of leadership and their collective values and resilience during such trying times. 🙌

In recognition of their efforts, they were presented with individual awards and treated to a team lunch at a restaurant of their choice, which turned out to be a hidden gem in Logan. 🎉

Please join Rural Lifestyle Options Australia as we congratulate our incredible Service Delivery Leadership Team! 👏

(Left to right: Monil Dangol, Robert Rees, Celena Bolton, Cara Matthews, Leo Dang)

To learn more about how Rural Lifestyle Options Australia recognise the amazing achievements and milestones of our team, please visit

#RewardAndRecognition #NDIS

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