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Getting your COVID-19 vaccine at your local pharmacy

Getting your COVID-19 vaccine

The National Disability Insurance Agency are working with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia to make it easier for NDIS participants to book and access COVID-19 vaccinations through local community pharmacies.

We know that for many people accessing vaccines can be challenging, so the option to receive your COVID-19 vaccine at your local community pharmacy may be more accessible and suitable to your needs.

More than 3,500 community pharmacies are participating across the country and more than one million doses of Moderna will be available through pharmacies in October in addition to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

NDIS participants aged 12 and over are eligible for Moderna vaccine.

NDIS participants aged 18 and over can choose to book an appointment to receive AstraZeneca following an assessment from a health provider.

You can use the below link to access the online booking system where you can select a local pharmacy, choose which vaccine (Moderna or AstraZeneca) you would like to receive and make a booking.

People with disability who need assistance booking a COVID-19 vaccine or need free, fact-checked information about COVID-19 can contact the Disability Gateway on 1800 643 787 or visit their website.

Participants who have support coordination in their plans and need support to book and access COVID-19 vaccinations are encouraged to talk to their support coordinator.

An additional $150, on top of plan funds, is available for participants to access support coordination for help with booking and accessing vaccinations.

Participants can also utilise their existing Support Coordination budget should they need further assistance beyond the additional $150.



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