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Organisation Update (COVID-19)

Please see below an important update from Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Latailakepa. In alignment with new government measures, I thought I would re-iterate that Rural Lifestyle Options Australia are committed to continuing our delivery of high quality and reliable services while implementing proactive measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the people we support and our staff. On Saturday 21 March 2020, The Hon Stuart Robert MP announced new measures to support NDIS participants and providers during this time. In summary, the changes announced involved:


  • Participants are being offered telephone planning meetings as a safer alternative to face-to-face meetings

  • Plans that are due for annual review will be automatically extended for up to 24 months

  • The NDIA is shifting resources to prioritise quick action where participants are seeking changes to their plan due to change of circumstances

  • Special teams will provide assistance where participants need to use core and capacity building funding flexibly

  • The NDIA will be contacting participants it has assessed as being at "higher risk” to ensure they are receiving essential disability-related supports


  • Registered NDIS providers will receive a one-month advance payment (based on a monthly average of supports billed for in the previous 3-month period) to provide some immediate cash flow assistance

  • There will be a 10% COVID-19 loading added to the price list for key supports for up to six months:

- Assistance with Daily Life (excluding Supported Independent Living)

- Assistance with Social and Community Participation)

- Improved Daily Living

  • Providers can now change cancellations at 100% of the price and there will be a broader definition of “short notice”.

  • Any increased cleaning and personal protective equipment (PPE) costs associated with COVID-19 can continue to be billed.

Our teams are working incredibly hard during this time, to ensure the smooth continuity of support to you or your loved one. We ask that you continue to treat them, and each other, with the respect and kindness everyone deserves.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you for your continued patience and support. I firmly believe that we will get through this if we play our part, work together and look out for each other.

Michelle Latailakepa Chief Executive Officer



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