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Organisation Update (COVID-19)

A letter to staff from Carole Caswell, Chair on behalf of the Board of Directors. Dear Valued RLOA Employees,

Earlier this year in late April, our Board wrote a letter of appreciation to all staff of RLOA, thanking everyone for their dedicated service under what was unprecedented times for the whole community. Since then we have all had to try and learn to live with COVID-19 and go about our lives as normally as possible - though with restrictions.

For many organisations, employees have been able to work predominantly from home, but that is not the case for our support workers at RLOA, who provide care to vulnerable people mostly in their homes or in the community, where working remotely is not possible. Without your loyal and dedicated service, RLOA could not continue to provide essential services to our participants - many of whom rely on us to a very high degree.

For our loyal staff who also work tirelessly across our three office locations, your efforts have also not gone unnoticed. It is because of you all that we can continue to effectively run our organisation in all aspects through these trying times.

Michelle and her senior staff are keeping us well informed about how our organisation and our participants are faring under the COVID-19 restrictions.

The Board are very appreciative of the good work that has been done by all staff these past few months. In particular we would like to highlight that this has been achieved through your hard work, following our COVID safe plan, practising social distancing, wearing PPE where appropriate and following good hand hygiene practices including assisting those in your care to take precautions.

Hopefully before the end of the year, border restrictions with NSW will have been considerably eased, once again allowing travel across the regions serviced by RLOA. We do thank you for your patience and willingness to continue to provide great care under trying circumstances.

My wish for you all is to continue to be safe and keep well. Again, many thanks from the Board for your consistent great efforts.

We are all grateful for the commitment of each and every one of you. Kindest regards,

Carole Caswell Chair

Board of Directors



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