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Years of Service for Sharon Dawe

At Rural Lifestyle Options Australia we appreciate our staff's efforts and are always looking for new ways to recognise them for their stellar achievements and meritorious career milestones.

One of our latest staff recognition initiatives is our Years of Service Medals which are given to staff members when they achieve 5, 10 and 15 Years of Service.

Pictured here are the incredible Sharon Dawe and Sheryl Colton who have achieved all 3 medals! 🏅

Sharon has been a Lifestyle Support Worker with RLOA for over 15 years, providing support to participants to help them enjoy life to the fullest while also being a firm and fierce advocate for her dearly beloved brother Nick! Sheryl has been with the organisation for over 20 years and recently received her 20 Years of Service Award.

We can’t thank Sharon and Sheryl enough for their service over the past 15 and 20 years respectively! 👏

To learn more about how we recognise the amazing achievements and milestones of our team, please visit


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