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Organisation Update (COVID-19)

Please see below an important organisation update for Lifestyle Support Workers from our Board of Directors. Dear Valued Lifestyle Support Workers, I write on behalf of the board to sincerely thank you all for your sterling efforts during what can only be described as very trying times. The board is maintaining a close watch during this time and are impressed by what you and the leadership of RLOA have managed to achieve by your levels of commitment to our participants. Although we are providing you with PPE to use in the course of your work, we are of course concerned that you are not exposed to risks to your own health at home. As a result we were pleased to provide your all with the PPE allowance during the early days of the virus. Rest assured that should this continue the board will be supportive of any further support you might need to not only support our participants but also protect yourselves. We are encouraged that with the dedication you have already displayed and our willingness to support you in these endeavours we will get through successfully and that RLOA will emerge with an enhanced reputation. Many thanks, Board of Directors Rural Lifestyle Options Australia



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