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10 Minutes With Annett Reeves

This month we sat down with Annett Reeves, who provided a glimpse into her life and her role at Rural Lifestyle Options Australia as Office Manager.

What are you responsible for? I'm responsible for mentoring, training and supporting the Customer Service Team members at all three of our Offices. My role encompasses providing efficient and effective administrative support to staff and provide outstanding customer service to visiting participants, families and stakeholders. What do you consider to be your strengths? As far as my strengths go, I really pride myself on getting in and getting it done to meet the needs of our Team. I don't like to make people wait. What is an unknown fact about you? When I was younger I was an avid BMX rider, and I even went to the State Championships for it. What drives you nuts? When people say they are going to do something by a specific time and they don't do it and then don't let you know that it is not going to be done in time. What are your interests? I like going out and riding bikes with my kids, exploring the local national parks and fishing. I also enjoy a glass of wine (or three) and socialising with friends.

What is your favourite food?

I’m well known with friends for having the best Cobloaf, whenever there is a gathering I’m asked to bring along my signature dish to share with everyone. I’m also partial to sweet treats such as Cadbury Popping Candy Chocolate or Mars Bar Ice Creams.

What was the last TV show you binge watched?

I am binge watching 'The Flash' at the moment with my children.

What is your favourite work tip?  Close the loop. How do you like to receive feedback?  I like direct feedback. If someone is happy with what our team does or how we are doing it let us know. If there is something me or my Team is not doing that we could do better let me know, if I don’t know I can't fix it. I appreciate open communication. What is the best way to contact you?  People can get in touch with me by emailing



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