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Our commitment to reconciliation.


Rural Lifestyle Options Australia aims to ensure that our organisation and our work reflect values of diversity and inclusion to ensure equality of access to our supports and services. 
Rural Lifestyle Options Australia began our Reconciliation Action Plan journey in November 2017, building on our desire to be more responsive to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

Our 'Innovate' Reconciliation Action Plan concluded in November 2022. 

While we do not have a current RAP framework in place, as an organisation we are committed to holding events promoting reconciliation, recognising key dates through our social media and conducting acknowledgements of country to educate others and continue our efforts in advancing reconciliation within Australia.
Innovate (2020 - 2022)

Our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan builds on valuable learnings from our reconciliation journey to date. As an organisation we are proud of how far we have come in implementing our vision for reconciliation however we recognise that there is still more that we can do as a Community Service Provider before this vision becomes realised. Our vision for reconciliation is one where all Australians come together in unity, understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and non-Indigenous cultures. An Australia where equality and equity is part of the Australian consciousness, and where all of Australia’s peoples work together towards a common and united future for the benefit of all.

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia proactively contributes to this vision by acknowledging and remembering the wrongs of the past so that they are never repeated, ensuring culturally appropriate supports are provided to people living with disability and that our workforce is as inclusive and diverse as the communities we support.


You can view the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan by clicking the button below: 

Reflect (2018 - 2019)
Derek Fogarty with Artwork_Editted.png

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan was the first step in our Reconciliation journey, and assisted us in building our understanding and capacity in order to provide improved services and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the communities in which we operate. 

During this period, we grew our existing relationships and established new partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, with the view of providing improved services to them. Since the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, we have been committed to closing the gap in our knowledge and understanding in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.


You can view the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan by clicking the button below: 

Progress Report

Here are some of the initiatives we are proud to have implemented under our Reconciliation Action Plan:

  • Established a Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group who meet at least four times a year.

  • Communicated our commitment to reconciliation publicly in various publications and through social media posts.

  • Embedded our RAP as part of staff induction processes.

  • Increased staff understanding of the purpose and significance behind cultural protocols through monthly updates in our People and Culture Insights.

  • Held events annually across multiple locations for National Close the Gap Day.

  • Held annual NAIDOC week celebrations in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland.

  • Held events annually across multiple locations for National Reconciliation Week.

  • Participated in annual events for National Apology Day.

  • Rolled out paid cultural awareness training for all staff.

  • Commissioned artwork from Mununjali Artist, Mr Derek Fogarty with his artwork ‘The Helping Hands of Rural Lifestyle Options Australia’ for use in our promotional materials and Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

  • Commissioned artwork from Ngemba Mob and Wiradjuri Nation Artist, Mr Nathan Falk with his artwork 'Saltwater Freshwater Connection' for use in our promotional materials and Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan. 

  • Developed Reconciliation Polos in consultation with 100% Indigenous owned and operated company Yilay to help RLOA raise awareness around our commitment to reconciliation.  

  • Supported Indigenous businesses.

  • Incorporated Acknowledgement of Country to meeting protocols.

  • Developed Acknowledgement of Country video.

  • Developed and implemented a workforce strategy to actively attract indigenous applicants to join our organisation.

  • Shared monthly blogs to staff in relation to Cultural Learnings.

  • Changed language used across our internal and external publications to be culturally appropriate.

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