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Feel Good February 2019

For the fourth year running, we are proud to say that Rural Lifestyle Options Australia will be participating in Feel Good February. Feel Good Feb is a community initiative which started in 2015 by founder Linda Pang, to encourage people to perform random acts of kindness for people in the community. According to Linda, there has been extensive research to show that giving out good not only benefits the receiver but also increases the happiness of the person giving it. Doing a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) is a concept that a lot of people already do. Feel Good Feb brings RAK into the spotlight and wants to inspire people to focus on being proactive, because in our busy lives, sometimes we need to slow down. Our first Feel Good Feb event for the year will be happening on Thursday, 14 February 2019. If you are in the Scenic Rim area between 11am and 12:30pm be sure to drop by our South East Queensland Office (8 William Street, Beaudesert QLD 4285) where we will be giving out free t-shirts and iced beverages for passersby! Keep an eye on our Latest News and Social Media pages to see where we will be popping up next! #FeelGoodFeb #RandomActsOfKindness #RAK


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