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Congratulations Cindy!

After back-to-back posts this week celebrating the achievements of our staff, it is only fitting that our last post of the week is inspired by ‘The Last Dance’. ✨

Today we recognise Cindy Reeves, who received her Above and Beyond Award by way of ‘jump shot’ by Michelle Latailakepa, Chief Executive Officer.

Cindy was recognised for her teamwork within the Service Delivery Team, commitment to the organisation and for going the extra mile in working tirelessly to ensure Participants continued to receive necessary supports throughout the peak of COVID-19. Please accept our sincere gratitude, the Award itself and a $100 Gift Card as a small token of appreciation for all that you have accomplished over the past few months.

Please join us in congratulating Cindy, as the kids would say “You’re the real MVP!”


To learn more about how we recognise the amazing achievements and milestones of our team, please visit


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